Please flip your phone

The beauty of the tree

«Working, for me means being considered by others: one that doesn’t work, doesn’t get considered. Work is beauty, especially if you find a nice job. Also having a salary is a beautiful thing. One can say: “Alright! Today I’m going to get my salary!”. It takes you a month, but then you go get that money… when that day comes, I feel happy.

… When someone asks me “What job do you do?” I can say that I work in a garden center and that I help people and this makes me feel proud and I feel like everyone else. Two years from now I have to renew my identity card and I hope that under “profession” I will be able to put “assistant gardener”.

… Its almost a year since I’ve been working in this garden center. I didn’t think that I could like work this much: time flies by, it’s gone in a wink.

… I’ve always had a different temperament than the others. I don’t talk much, I’ve been silent since a was little. Working is different, in that I really give my best, but in talking not really. I wish I was a little different because I don’t know how to shrug off this temperament, in that I’m just like my grandfather that worked so much but talked so little… I’m just like him. »

Alessandro Brunetti